Q1  I am an 11th grade student, I want to participate in Physics Olympiad. How can I register?

A1 To participate in IPhO, you have to enroll in the domestic competition of your country/region, and be selected as a member of the national team.

Q2 I am a student currently living and studying in XXXXX. Which body organizes and formulates teams for IPHO in my country?

A2 Refer to the following IPhO webpage https://www.ipho-new.org/board-member/ The Leaders of your country are listed there.

Q3 My country has never participated in the International Physics Olympiad before and we would like to send a team to the IPhO 2023 in Japan. How can we do so?

A3 A country newly seeking entry to IPhO is advised to do so as an observer country (no students, observer only) to gain experience for future participation.
If you do wish to send students to IPhO2023, the only way is to participate as a “guest team”. The exams will be conducted in the same way as the regular participants, but guest team members will not be considered for medal competition. Also note that the participation fee for a guest team is significantly higher than the case of regular participation.