Special support message

Special support message from Hitachi High-Tech Corporation for IPhO2023

We would like to sincerely welcome all the participants to the International Physics Olympiad in Tokyo Japan.

As part of our corporate vision to “simplify our customers’ high-tech processes,” our mission is to help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses. Accordingly, we are developing a global business.

Our core technologies in Observation, Measurement, and Analysis (measurement and analysis technologies), which are our strength, possess the potential to solve many different types of social issues. By maximizing our utilization of digital technology and bringing ourselves face-to-face with the needs and issues faced by our society and our customers, we will make significant contributions to solving social issues through our capabilities in Observation, Measurement, and Analysis technologies.

Science for a Better Tomorrow!

We hope that the International Physics Olympiad will give you the opportunity to start a new chapter for your future, and all of you can enjoy yourselves and do your utmost.

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation

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