Special support message

Special support message from HORIBA Group for IPhO2023

The HORIBA Group, made up of approximately 50 companies around the world, is a leading company that provides analytical and measurement systems throughout the world.

In 1945, Masao Horiba, who majored in physics at university, founded a private laboratory as Horiba Radio Laboratory when he was a university student. This was the beginning of HORIBA. Our corporate motto is “Omoshiro Okashiku” – Joy and Fun. Possessing pride and a spirit of challenge in the work to which the most dynamic period of our lives is devoted, and tackling it with excitement, makes for a more satisfying life. We have incorporated the desire to spend our days with more Joy and Fun into our company precept, in the spirit that has been handed down since the company was founded.

It will become irreplaceable treasures in your future life to explore physics with a spirit of challenge and meet various technologies and people together with students from all over the world as representatives of the IPhO2023 . We hope you all do your best!

The HORIBA Group

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