Special support message

Special support message from Kodansha Ltd. for IPhO2023

Since its founding in 1909, Kodansha Ltd. has been a general publisher that produces works in all genres, including literature, non-fiction, and manga, and has been engaged in publishing activities that benefit people’s lives and enrich their minds, based on the principle of “omoshirokute, tameninaru.”

From 2021, under the new corporate purpose “Inspire Impossible Stories,” the company aims to “provide new discoveries and creativity to both the creators and recipients of stories around the world, to create stories that are impossible and never seen before, and to create a reality where these stories have never been seen before”.

The year 2023 marks the 60th anniversary of the birth of Blue Backs, Kodansha’s book series dealing with all natural sciences. It is our great pleasure to be a special supporter of the International Physics Olympiad in this commemorative year, and we look forward to your participation in IPhO 2023 Japan, and to your global activities in the near future to bring the “Impossible Stories” to life!

Kodansha Ltd.

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