Special support message

Special support message from SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. for IPhO2023

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions was established in Kyoto in 1968 and entered the semiconductor manufacturing equipment market in the 1970s. Since then, we have strived to problem-solve through technological innovation and development alongside the evolution of semiconductors. We now operate in Europe, America and the APAC region and are actively using our business platform to tackle issues raised in the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We endeavor to be an indispensable presence in this world through sustainably developing society and companies.

We will take part in the evolution of semiconductors and create new value for the world by developing quintessential equipment in semiconductor manufacturing and solving arising technical challenges.

We hope that the IPhO2023 will provide an eye-opening experience of Japanese technology and culture, a fulfilling multicultural exchange with fellow participants and that it will become a lasting, inspiring memory and influence for your bright future.

SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.

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