Special support message

Special support message from Shimadzu Corporation for IPhO2023

Ever since Shimadzu was established in 1875 based on the corporate philosophy “Contributing to Society through Science and Technology” and management principle “Realizing Our Wishes for the Well-being of Mankind and the Earth”, we have used the technologies and expertise cultivated through business activities by diligently striving to achieve sustainable growth and progress for businesses and society together with customers around the world.

In order to realize a society where people can be active longer and achieve carbon neutrality, Shimadzu is actively collaborating with outside partners to develop innovative technologies and products and establish new services in society for quickly commercializing such technologies, products, and services.

We hope that the participants of the International Physics Olympiad will be exposed to Japanese culture and deepen international exchanges, so that they can grow as human resources who will lead the next generation with diverse values. Let’s do your best to leave no regrets!

Shimadzu Corporation

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