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Special support message from Western Digital for IPhO2023

IPhO2023 Japan, support of message Western Digital

We are thrilled to see the International Physics Olympiad 2023 (IPhO2023) event return this year in Japan.

Western Digital is on a mission to unlock the potential of data by harnessing the possibility to use it. With Flash and HDD franchises, underpinned by advancements in memory technologies, we make powerful data storage solutions at any scale, from the smallest, intelligent devices to the largest public clouds.

Western Digital is focused on creating a sustainable society. Physics is at the root of all technology and can make a significant contribution to our flash and HDD technology, as well as energy efficiency and emission reduction.

Western Digital shares the spirit and passion with these students from all over the world as they demonstrate their strengths while forging lasting connections throughout the contest. Western Digital hopes that this wonderful experience will continue to provide fresh inspiration and happiness.

Western Digital

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