Special support message

Special support message from YASKAWA Electric Corporation for IPhO2023

Congratulations to all the players who have been selected to represent their countries and will be participating in International Physics Olympic 2023(IPhO2023).

We hope that those of you who have faced the study of physics and have been challenged by its challenges will be able to fully realize the results of your efforts.

Yaskawa’s business domain is “motors and their applications,” and we have been pursuing the idea of making this happen by driving motors for more than 100 years.

With the Yaskawa Principles of “the mission is to contribute broadly to social development and human welfare through the execution of our business” as the origin, the company is contributing to the solutions demanded by customers and the realization of a sustainable society, including carbon neutrality, by providing high-value-added automation solutions.

During the event, we hope that you will enjoy new encounters such as deepening exchanges with Japanese culture, technology and representatives from various countries. We look forward to expanding your potential through this competition.

YASKAWA Electric Corporation

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