IPhO2023 Team Registration


Team Registration Site

This form should be filled out by the primary contact person (usually the Leader No.1) of each participating country/region on behalf of the team. The person has to collect from each member of his/her team all the relevant data, together with photo and audio files and signed consent forms.

Before filling out the Team Registration Form, the following five files should be prepared for each one of your team members (students, leaders, and observers) in advance:
 (1) Face photo: image file (jpg or gif) with a file name “Family name-photo.jpg” or “—.gif”
 (2) Pronunciation of full name: audio file (mp3) with a file name “Family name-pronunciation.mp3”.
(3) Photocopy of the passport photo page: image file (jpg, gif, or pdf) with a file name “Family name-passport.jpg”, “—.gif”, or “—.pdf”
(4) Signed Photography Consent Form: signed and scanned pdf file with a file name “Family name-photoconsent.pdf”.
(5) Signed Commitment Form: signed and scanned pdf file with a file name “Family name-commitment.pdf”

* Each one of these files should not exceed 1MB in size.

**Photography Consent Form and Commitment Form for students and those for leaders and observers are different in contents. Please use the appropriate forms.

The Team Registration Form is quite lengthy consisting of many sections as we have to collect detailed personal and other data of each one of your team members. We appreciate your patience.

Your inputs to the form will be stored as you go along unless you have switched off the “save in progress” function of Google Form. You can re-visit the form to add and/or correct the data entries as necessary, before and after you submit the form.

Instruction for Preparation of Team Registration Form.pdf

Second Circular.pdf

Excursion Courses.pdf

To access the Team Registration Form, you need a password which was given in the e-mail sent by the IPhO2023 Secretariat to the contact person of the pre-registered countries/regions. If you have difficulty in accessing the Team Registration Form, contact the IPhO2023 Secretariat via the INQUIRY BOX under the pull-down menu.

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